Monday, April 18, 2011

Deep League Finds at each position

This is my first column on this blog, to date only the great Jim Colling has posted any content and if you are like me you really enjoyed the insight from this multiple fantasy champion.

Now I do not claim to be a master fantasy baseball player or even a good one at that but I do play in some high dollar leagues as well as some very deep leagues.  Currently I am playing in three 15 team leagues and one 11 team league and most of these guys are available or just picked up.   So in this post I plan to highlight one or two guys at each position that may be available or recently added to someone roster.  The idea is to provide you with a possible upgrade at a position you either suffered an injury at or just missed during draft day.

I hope you find this helpful or at least get a good laugh out of it.


Alex Avila would be the easy target here as he has recently produced with HR’s and RBI”s and if he is out there go get him, however I know in all three of my deep leagues he is no longer available.   I am going to recommend Wilson Ramos with the Nats.  Yes, he is in a timeshare with pudge but he is also racking when he plays and batted in the five hole the other night with Zimm and Morse out.  You could do a lot worse and at least this guy won’t kill your avg.    He is especially valuable in 2 catcher and keep league formats.

First Base: 

This very deep position is not as deep once you get through a 15 or 14 team draft with 1B and CI positions.  There are very slim pickings on the wire but I am going to recommend Mark Trumbo from LA Angels.  He is a big guy and mashed in the minors, who knows how long Morales will be out for.

2nd Base:

This is a position that I know I waited on in my draft because I thought a bunch of guys were all the same in the end.  Guys I like that may be available are Chris Getz, a good KC lineup, batting leadoff and steals a lot of bases.  I also like Skip Schumacher, he does nothing great but he will score 60-70 runs, steal 5-10 bases and post a .280 average at the end of the year. 

3rd Base:

This is a tough one, I believe that 3b is the shortest position in baseball this year from a fantasy perspective however if you are in a deep league you may find a guy like Miggy Tejada on the wire and while he is not the same guy he will still hit 15 HR’s and bat .280.   For those of you in a keep league or maybe a very deep league I would recommend Mike Moustakas from the Royals.  I think he will be up around June 5th and be the next big thing.


I already mentioned both of these guys in the 2nd base and 3rd base positions but you could do worse than Miguel Tejada and Wilson Valdez.  If you need steals you may want to take a look at Jack Wilson or Willie Bloomquist if he qualifies in your league.

DH:  One word, Pronk!  T. Hafner seems to finally be healthy and last I saw he was riding a hitting streak.  If he stays healthy he will hit 20/80/270.

OF:  Willie Bloomquist is not supposed to be doing what he is doing but remember he is playing for a bad team and a new manager so if he can stay hot he will find a way to stay in the lineup.  J. Francouer, yes he sucks, but he is still under 30 and seems to be getting regular at bats.

SP:  There are a lot of good pitchers still on the wire in a lot of leagues.  I recently picked up Jeff Francis in a couple of leagues, this guy was a top prospect and before being injured multiple times had some good seasons in Col.  I also like S. Baker if he has been dropped or take a chance on a young guy like Brandon Beachy, a lot of k’s but some risk.

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